Terms and Conditions

This is a legal agreement between you and Gun Photos

Read this agreement in its entirety before you download any image.

By downloading any image from this website, you agree to be bound by the Terms of this Agreement.

If you have any questions about the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, please contact Gun Photos via this website.

If you are entering into this agreement on behalf of your employer, the license granted and restrictions and limitations recited herein apply to your employer and to you as a representative of your employer. Should you cease working for your employer, your employer may continue to operate under this agreement and your rights under this agreement will be terminated.

Gun Photos grants to you, and your employer if you are licensing on behalf of your employer, a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable right to use the image(s) you have selected (the “Image”) in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Images are licensed on a non-exclusive basis for a one time usage. If you would like to re-use the image in another context or medium, you must purchase another license. If you are downloading the images, the images will be available online in the download area for 24 hours. If you have not downloaded the images within 24 hours, you must login to the Gun Photos website to gain access to the image and download. Exclusive rights may only be granted by the Gun Photos subject to the availability of such rights and subject to additional fees. Exclusive rights cannot be obtained through this website. You must contact Gun News directly to inquire about exclusivity.


Images are not sold, they are licensed. The rights granted to you are personal to you or your employer and may not be sublicensed, transferred, or assigned to another party. If you purchase a license but do not use the rights granted in that license, you are not entitled to a refund of the purchase price.


Gun Photos grants you the non-exclusive and non-transferable right to download the Comp Image(s) from this site onto one computer for one user at a time for layout purposes, browsing, internal company review or testing only. The Comp Image(s) may not be used in any materials distributed outside of Your company or to the public, including any online or other electronic distribution. The Comp Image(s) may not be sold or sublicensed alone. All comp images are watermarked for Gun Photos licencing security and protection.


Use of an Image in a manner that is contrary to a restriction stated in this Agreement is prohibited. Pornographic, defamatory, libellous or otherwise unlawful use of an Image is prohibited.


SAMPLES: In the event that an Image is used in a publication, you must provide Gun Photos with two free copies of such publication or tear sheets showing the Image in context. Samples/Tear sheets may be sent via email.


Warranty and Limitation of Liability: Gun Photos warrants the digital copy of the Image in the form downloaded by you to be free from defects in material and workmanship. The sole and exclusive remedy for a breach of the foregoing warranty is the replacement of the digital copy of the Image or refund of the license fee paid by you. While Gun Photos makes efforts to correctly caption the subject matter of each Image, Gun Photos does not warrant that such information is accurate. GUN PHOTOS MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. GUN PHOTOS SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO YOU OR ANY OTHER PERSON OR ENTITY FOR ANY GENERAL, SPECIAL, DIRECT, INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, LOST PROFITS OR OTHER DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THIS LICENSE OR OTHERWISE.


Indemnification: You agree to indemnify and hold Gun Photos harmless against any claim for damages, losses or any costs, including attorneys’ fees, arising in any manner whatsoever from your unauthorized use of any Image supplied to you by GUN PHOTOS or for your breach of any of the terms of this Agreement.


No variation of any of the terms in this agreement shall be effective unless agreed in writing by Gun Photos and you.


Gun Photos is a trading name of Visual Shop Ltd


Last Update: 30/11/2016